Graphtec Super-steel Blade 1.5mm 80° Sandblast Rubber Resist w/ spring CB15U-K20-2SP (2/pack)

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Angle 80° Diameter 1.5mm Supersteel Blade recommended for sandblast rubber resist media cutting. Must remove blade spring when use Blade-holders: PHP33-CB15N-HS, PHP35-CB15-HS

NOTE: USA 80° Japan 20°

For use with Red Tip PHP33-CB15N-HS Blade holder

Accessory Bladeholder Recommendation:
PHP35-CB15-HS BRASS TIP blade holder

Compatible with Graphtec models: 

  • Roll-feed Cutters: FC8600 Series, FC8000
  • Flatbed Cutters: FCX4000, FCX2000, FC2250, FC4500 Series

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